American Soda

American Soda fresh from the states to enjoy now direct from the USA to buy online now. Fancy some refreshing American Sodas and drinks? The wholesale American Soda lines are very popular and we are always looking for the best drinks and sodas to import and supply from America directly to the UK and Europe. Sweetie Treats wholesales, imports and supplies only the best American Soda’s and Drinks. We always look to regularly update our lines and are always looking to increase the American Soda range of drinks while staying compliant with the UK and EU laws. These American Drinks and Sodas can be purchased and shipped directly to your door. Some of the Brands of American Soda and Drinks include…Fanta & Kool Aid. Don’t forget to check out our ranges of American Chocolate, American Candy, American Chewing Gum, American Cakes & Biscuits, American Sauces & Spreads & American Crisps!